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Permeus Argan Oil

Permeus Morroccan Oil System is the perfect solution for healthier hair. Our formula smoothing the secret of dry and frizzy hair blends oils, antioxidants and minerals the providers of a complete healing of the hair penetrating system through the hair shaft. Deeply heals and restores hair and hair shine. shine while protecting heat and UV rays.

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characteristics of the product

  1. Softens dry and frizzy hair: One of the main features of Permeus Morroccan Oil System is that its formula is designed to smooth and improve dry and frizzy hair.

  2. Blend of oils, antioxidants and minerals: The product contains a blend of oils, antioxidants and minerals that work together to provide complete hair healing.
  3. Deep penetration into the hair shaft: The product's deep penetration system ensures that the formula reaches the root of the hair and heals deeply.
  4. Restores shine and health to hair: Permeus Morroccan Oil System is designed to restore shine and health to hair, leaving hair looking softer and shinier.
  5. Protection against heat and UV rays: In addition to its healing properties, the product also provides protection against heat and UV rays, making it ideal for hair care in hot, sunny climates.

Ingredients of the product

Cyclomethicone, Argan Oil, Amino Acid,
Hydrolized Keratin, Vitamin E, Dimethicone
Silk, Dimethiconol, Cyclopentasoloxane,
Pentothenyl, Silsesquioxane, Copolymer,

Questions Frequent

How should I use the Permeus Morroccan Oil System?

For best results, it is recommended to apply a small amount of the product to damp hair, gently massage the hair and scalp, then style as usual. A small amount can also be applied to dry hair for extra shine.

Can I use the Permeus Morroccan Oil System on colored or chemically treated hair?

Yes, the Permeus Morroccan Oil System is safe to use on color-treated or chemically treated hair and can help restore hair health and shine after treatments.

How does the Permeus Morroccan Oil System provide protection against heat and UV rays?

The Permeus Morroccan Oil System contains ingredients that act as thermal and UV protectors, creating a protective layer around the hair that helps prevent damage caused by heat and sun exposure.

How long does it take to see results with the Permeus Morroccan Oil System?

Results may vary depending on hair type and condition, but many users have reported a noticeable improvement in hair softness, shine and health after just a few uses of the product. Regular use of the product is recommended for best long-term results.